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Some services and amenities will not be available at re-opening. Thank you for your understanding.


Making the aquatic world accessible

We want everyone to enjoy visiting the Vancouver Aquarium.

Food and Beverage

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Celebrate the season with all your senses when you discover new chef-made holiday treats at Vancouver Aquarium!

The Vancouver Aquarium boasts three food outlets: the Courtyard Café & Coffee Bar, the Upstream Bar + Grill, and our Marine Market that's accessed from Stanley Park.The Marine Market offers a wide range of freshly made offerings, including vegetarian options.


All our seafood selections are 100% Ocean Wise, a conservation program that the Vancouver Aquarium founded to encourage ocean-friendly seafood choices.


Courtyard Café & Coffee Bar

10:00 am to 4:30 pm

*Saturdays for Members opens at 9 am. 


Upstream Bar + Grill (Open Friday - Sunday & Holidays)

11:30 pm to 4:30 pm


Marine Market (Accessed only from Stanley Park - Open Seasonally)

Currently Closed


Sustainability at the Vancouver Aquarium



Vancouver’s Water is Better on Tap. We only offer Vancouver’s tap water at the Aquarium – it comes filtered, fresh from the mountains, and is safe to drink. You’ll find dispensers throughout the building – enjoy!



Serving it to you warm, while keeping our kitchen cool. Our kitchen appliances are connected to an energy-efficient exchange loop that redistributes heat throughout the building. We save energy by using the heat already produced in our café to warm galleries like the Amazon.



We only serve shade grown, organic coffee. Buying shade grown ensures our coffee grows under the shade of the rainforest canopy, preventing deforestation, and protecting animals like our Goeldi Monkeys.



All dishware and food waste is composted, and turned into Class A compost that is used to grow certified organic alfalfa and hops in the Lower Mainland.



We only feed our guests sustainable seafood to ensure that our seafood is harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species, and that populations are abundant and resilient.


Say no to straws

Straws hurt wildlife. But relax because we don’t use them. We have many onsite single-use plastic elimination programs and support research that reduce plastic pollution.

Gift shop

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Leave the Aquarium with unique gifts

Our Gift Shop offers fun and memorable, aquatic-themed gifts for all ages. We carry a wide range of sustainable products, as well as items crafted by B.C. and Canadian artists. Shop with us 365 days a year!


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