See JAWS-ome Creatures In The Tropics

See JAWS-ome Creatures In The Tropics

Unleash An Epic Splash

See More Sharks, Now Swimming!

Reach JAWS-ome new depths in the Tropics. Our all-new squad of sharks is ready to unleash an epic splash! See more teeth, more fins, and MORE sharks today.

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(Carcharhinus melanopterus)

Blacktip Reef Shark

Blacktip Reef Sharks are best known for – you guessed it – the distinctive black markings on the tips on their fins. Another fin-teresting characteristic of Blacktip Reef Sharks compared to other shark species is their camaraderie and the way they swim in schools, especially when feeding.

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A jelly swarm, schools of colourful fish, and a shiver of sharks

Dive Into A Tropical Paradise

A swarm of delicate, tropical jellyfish enchants you as you step into the gallery. Pink fish, blue fish, and yellow fish flash by as you explore. See sharks like the bamboo shark and epaulette sharks, small shallow—water dwellers that hide amongst coral reefs. And don't miss our all-new squad of blacktip reef sharks!

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