A Living Aquatic Backdrop

The Vancouver Aquarium has been the backdrop for countless television, film and commercial productions. Our living aquatic backdrop and unique variety of sets makes us one of a kind in the city of Vancouver. 

Filming should take place outside of our public hours to not detract from our visitors' experience. Permission is granted subject to conditions, and can be obtained through the Event Department.

Request Information

Location Filming Guidelines For Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium will consider requests to film a movie or television show, or to use the Aquarium as a location for commercial shoots. The Aquarium supports the industry but requires that all shoots are conducted in an efficient manner with little impact to guests, animals, staff and the physical facility.

Please note: The project must be in keeping with the Vancouver Aquarium's mission and image, and the Aquarium reserves the absolute right to grant or deny permission and to determine the terms under which filming will be permitted.

For additional information on location shooting at the Vancouver Aquarium, please: catering.events@vanaqua.org

Filming Guidelines
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