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Steller's bay

Come nose to snout with Steller sea lions at Steller’s Bay, an exhibit that spotlights these majestic and mysterious creatures, only at Vancouver Aquarium.


Get up close

Transported to a fishing village on Canada’s west coast, you will delight as you experience sea lions basking brilliantly in the sun and hear them roaring in spectacular chorus. Below the surface stands huge underwater viewing windows where visitors will be immersed in a sea lion’s world, getting up-close as the dynamic animals glide through the water with incredible power and agility.


Mysterious creatures

Steller sea lions live off of our B.C. coast, however we still know very little about them. This program takes place in our Steller's Bay exhibit and looks at what makes these animals so special.


Saving sea lions

Marine plastic isn't just ugly, it does real harm. In this video Vancouver Aquarium head veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena and the Marine Mammal Rescue centre team disentangle sea lions from marine plastic.

Ghost Gear

In the ocean, ghosts are real... and their effects are haunting.

How We Help

Research in action

In a collaborative effort, the trainers and sea lions are working with University of British Columbia scientists to understand the mysterious disappearance of 80 per cent of the wild Steller sea lion population. Visitors can observe the trainers as they feed and care for these animals, lead enrichment exercises, and collect valuable metabolic information, such as weight, heart rate, and breathing rate; these readings contribute to ongoing studies.


Mystery of the disappearing steller sea lions

When the scientific community noticed the significant Steller sea lion population decline, UBC scientist Dr. Andrew Trites connected with then-president of the Vancouver Aquarium Murray Newman to explore how both organizations could collaborate and find a solution to this mystery. Decades later, the research continues.


Incredible learning opportunities

The Aquarium’s interpreters and trainers have come together to offer special Steller sea lion programs, introducing guests to these intriguing animals, demonstrating the compelling relationship between trainers and the animals, and guiding them though leading-edge conservation research.


Another first

In another Aquarium first, interpreters and trainers are taking the collaboration to another level while demonstrating how sea lions dive for food and will offer an interactive program from the above-water research station and the underwater viewing area at the same time.

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