JULY 4-7, 2023 | Ages 5-12

Experience Summer Camp At Canada’s Largest Aquarium!

Are your kids looking for an amazing summer adventure? Are they interested in oceans, lakes, rivers and everything in them? Do they want to learn how to conserve and change the world? Release their curiosity at the Vancouver Aquarium and become the ultimate Ocean Explorer! Start the journey today with Ocean Explorers Camps by MINIMAKERS, an o-fish-al partner of Vancouver Aquarium.

Your little ‘MARINE MAKERS’ will go hands on with science, conservation, child safe tools, and even some critters. They will enjoy days filled with activities, fun, building, inventing, learning and more!

MiniMakers Summer Camp MiniMakers Summer Camp

Ocean Explorers

Focused on problem solving, design thinking and innovation, your maker will learn how to take their ideas and turn them into real creations. They will also build lifelong skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM), all with a unique marine conservation focus only at the Vancouver Aquarium.

This unique experience will help make the concept of conservation real, as your little marine biologist will learn everything there is to know about marine preservation and the role they can play in building a sustainable world.

Don’t miss this aquatic summer adventure! Visit MiniMakers to learn more about the camp options offered and register for Ocean Explorers Camp before space runs out.

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