Exhibit / Canada’s Arctic

Canada’s Arctic

The Aquarium’s Canada’s Arctic exhibit tells the story of the changes experienced by the animals, land and people, and engages visitors with cutting-edge technology and mesmerizing animals.

Please note this exhibit is temporarily closed to encourage social distancing. Please view our COVID-19 special advisory page for more information. 


In the grip of change

Canada’s Arctic is vast, diverse and changing. It is home to one of the largest archipelagos in the world and to animals well-adapted to living with ice. This exhibit shows how climate change is affecting this vast, remote area. By establishing active connections between visitors and this fascinating region, the interactive exhibit fosters awareness, understanding and relationships between those in the North and the rest of Canada.


Arctic tour

Come join interpreters for a guided tour of the Canada’s Arctic Gallery. You’ll meet fish and marine invertebrates that thrive in our country’s coldest waters, and our staff will give you the chance to see a live feeding demonstration.

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