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Virtual Aquaclass

The Virtual Aquaclass is an opportunity for students to connect live with a Vancouver Aquarium educator without having to leave the classroom.

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Grades Preschool - 12


September 8, 2020 - June 24, 2021


45 min


Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday


$90 CAD per regular session

The Virtual Aquaclass is an opportunity for students and families to connect live with the Vancouver Aquarium without having to leave the classroom or home.

Program Length: All programs are 45 minutes long, and include an interactive presentation, multi-media visuals, and Q&A time between students and our expert staff.

Booking Times: Programs are available Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minute blocks at 8:15am PST, 9:15am PST, 10:15am PST, or  2:15pm PST. Times are subject to change.

Program Cost: Programs are $90 CAD per session.

Class Size: We recommend a maximum of 30 students. As we are connecting with you remotely, we rely on the adults in the room to assist with group management and facilitate the Q&A portion. The amount of time for individual to ask questions and interact will depend on the number of people in the call.

Technology Requirements: Programs require a strong internet connection, and access to a video/sound system. This can be achieved through a laptop. In the classroom we recommend connecting your laptop to a projector to provide an optimal viewing opportunity for all participating students. 

We primarily use the WebEx platform for our programs. After a program is booked you will receive information on how to schedule a Tech Test with the coordinator. This is a 10-15 minute practice run, without the students, to see what the program will look like ahead of time. During this Tech Test we will determine the best platform for your program. Webex works best on the desktop application, which you will be prompted to download at the start of the tech test. Alternatively Webex works on most web browsers, and we recommend using Google Chrome. 

Program Perks: the Virtual Aquaclass gives you one-to-one access with an expert educator. Each program will come with curated resources to help you continue the conversation with your students. This program is a great resources as a pre or post add-on to any outreach program, on-site school program, self-directed visit, or standalone experience. Program topics may be customized depending on availability and subject.

Program Guide: Choose your program topic from the program guide. If you are interested in a premium program, please inquire to [email protected] prior to booking. Teachers can request a topic when they book their tech test. 

Careers in Conservation

In this program students will connect with one of our expert educators to learn about the diversity of roles in conservation. Aligned with the Career Ed BC Curriculum.

Wonderful World of Butterflies

Welcome to the world of butterflies to explore the life cycle of these unique creatures. How do they stay safe? What do they eat? Why are they so colourful? Join an Ocean Wise Educator to explore the mysterious world of butterflies and see how you can hel

Virtual Wet Lab: Thriving Communities

Our Wet Lab Programs aim to connect children and youth with local and global ocean environments by exploring our uniquely curated classroom, organized by communities of animals and their surroundings. Price: $200 CAD. Access to this space is limited.

Wild West Coast

Explore how animals are able to survive and thrive in the cold dark waters of Canada’s west coast.

Introducing Jaws

Challenge misconceptions and discover with your students the wide diversity of sharks

Coral Reefs: Nature's Jungle Gym

Learn about the diversity of life found in tropical waters, and how it is all connected through the delicate balance of food webs and predator-prey relationships.

Arctic Adaptations

Learn about the unique characteristics that enable arctic animals to survive, how they may be affected by the rapidly changing climate.

Reptiles and Amphibians

Learn why scientists classify animals, and examine the characteristics that define animal groups by exploring the differences between reptiles and amphibian.

Noise Pollution

Discuss the questions Ocean Wise Research is asking about noise pollution through an examination of our Beluga Whale research in the Arctic.


Camouflage is an important survival strategy employed by animals on all levels of the food chain. Explore the different strategies that animals use to camouflage into their environment in order to survive.

Welcome to the Marine Jungle

Living in tropical freshwater is no easy feat, and in this program we will focus on the challenges a fish faces when living in tropical fresh water.

Premium Programs

Premium programs include an offsite, behind the scenes view and access to an expert in the field. There is a price difference between the regular and premium programs.

View our Virtual AquaClass FAQ for answers.


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